Sunday, December 7, 2008


Me in Changing Room

Danell Lee Fan Club

Yesterday(7/12/2008)about 9.45 pm was performing at for danell Lee(Malaysian Singer)was very 'gan cheong' but i did my best to show it and it is sucessfully.can check my video is on the same blog^^

Danell Lee Fan Club Performance

Monday, September 8, 2008

Our New produck SK Choc

Tried by our best customer Peng yong

2 of my workers chun yang (white tee)
and Shing Shing (Ugly teeeth )hahahahahahaha

PICS of Py Birthday


Happy Birthday Peng Yong!!!

Happy Birthday Peng Yong!!! well it was fun that day..i was sitting at iplay playing my wonderful CS(counter-strike) till then Yuen Seng call me to go Boon Boom to celebrate Peng Yong birthday i say ok no problem when i reach there we stated to play Stack -ko i keep making akingston Lose Nyahahahah i am the pro in stack-ko hahaha than we ate dinner and as usual i show my MAGIC,Peng Yong got shock when i do it.hahaha than its time for the cake after Peng yong blow off the cake we start to help peng yong to spread choc cream all over his face..we play until damn high..^^

Eddie saw Megan And Mel

Melanies Blur face

Shuen is trying to promote Megan Smelly Feet == but melanie is the sales manager that trying to sell thebasketball